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Summary0000117: Spectrophotometric measurement for cell density
DescriptionThe spectrophotometer provides a “quick and dirty” way to estimate the density of cells in a culture. In contrast to spot plates, which must be incubated for several days before colonies appear, spectrophotometer readings can be instantly converted into cell densities. On the other hand, the method does not discriminate between living and dead cells. The spectrophotometric method is based on light scattering by cells in the culture. When the light in a spectrophotometer hits a large particle such as a cell, light rays are deflected from a straight path and these light rays may not reach the detector. The greater the number of cells in a sample, the more light scattering occurs. The light scattering ability of a cell depends on its size and geometry, so a calibration curve is necessary to extrapolate optical density measurements to cell number.
SMA-E Spectrometer
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