Scheduled For Release 2022-02-01
0000101: [JavaScript Libraries] spin.js integration (guttmann)
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Scheduled For Release 2023-07-01
0000114: [User interface] Add a settings menu where a user can enable/disable remote vendor VPN access
0000107: [Peripheral] add visiferm ph, do sensors usb support
0000106: [Peripheral] atlas scientific o2/co2 sensors fails to initialize sometimes
0000110: [Peripheral] EZO CO2 and EZO O2 sensors are not always detected by the system
0000108: [User interface] System overview - Texts overlap
0000111: [General] fermentáció adatainak letöltése megakad ha % karakter van a filenévben
0000115: [Peripheral] replace internal battery circuit, the current one is no longer manufactured
0000105: [General] move upspico driver to jfermi codebase
0000124: [Process control] there is a mismatch between the delimiter used for the headers and the data
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